Liberty Firearms Institute offers an indoor 8-lane 45-yard archery range equipped with 3D targets and a tree stand to give bow hunters the opportunity to practice from an elevated position. We welcome recurve, compound, and crossbow shooters alike.

Visit LFIs’ archery pro shop which includes bows, arrows, sights, targets, and all other archery accessories. LFIs’ onsite bow tech can take care of all your individual archery needs. Archery rentals include:Recurve Bow, three arrows, quiver, one target (arm guard optional) for $10/hour

  • Crossbow, three bolts, one target for $15/hour
  • $5/ hour lane rental for non-members.
  • Additional $5 fee to shoot at 3D targets or use the tree stand(experienced non-members)

Current Archery Memberships