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Concealed Carry Training

Comprehensive CCW Training From Liberty Firearms Institute

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Concealed Carry Classes In Northern Colorado

The CCW class from Liberty Firearms Institute is the most basic introduction to firearms offered, with the ability to upon completion to get your county concealed carry permit. We provide the leading firearms training and introduction to pistol safety.

Get what you need to know to efficiently operate and carry a concealed handgun in Colorado. Sign up for a concealed carry class at Liberty Firearms Institute today.

Topics Covered By Liberty Firearms Institute

  • Handgun Safety
  • Range Practice — Safety, Comfort, & Accuracy With Your Handgun
  • Choosing The Ideal Firearm & Ammunition
  • Carry Methods
  • Local, State, & Federal Laws
  • In-Depth Look At Conceal Carry In Everyday Life

Sign Up For a Concealed Carry Course At Liberty Firearms Institute Today

Concealed Carry Course(CCW)


Liberty Firearms Institute takes basic handgun courses to the next level by providing an enriching experience both in our classroom and shooting range.

The Makhaira Group is the training company that provides our CCW classes, and is dedicated to teaching current and real-world-focused pistol training.

Feel confident in your firearm skills and find the best pistol and CCW training at Liberty Firearms Institute.

Who Is The Basic Pistol/CCW Course For?

This class teaches the fundamentals of pistol shooting and is geared more towards beginners, but it is great for any skill level who is interested in going deeper in their training and for those who are interested in obtaining a concealed carry permit in the State of Colorado.

Beyond basic firearm skills, we examine Colorado Revised Statutes and provide hands-on training. Liberty Firearms Institute is a comfortable and welcoming environment — we take firearm education and training safety very seriously, but approach it in a non-intimidating way.

What Are The Benefits Of A Concealed Carry Course

It’s always beneficial to take a concealed carry course to improve your skills and knowledge base, in addition to staying current with CCW laws. In the state of Colorado, it is required to take a concealed carry course in order to get your CCW permit.

Begin the process for a CCW permit, click on the links below to learn more. You’ll benefit from learning proper shooting fundamentals, knowing basic safety principles to prevent unnecessary accidents, being able to defend yourself, and how to handle law enforcement while carrying.

Sign Up For The Concealed Carry Course From Liberty Firearms Today!

Take advantage of the classes that Liberty Firearms Institute has to offer. Begin your journey with our basic pistol/concealed carry course to expand your handgun skills and knowledge, in addition to becoming eligible for a concealed carry permit in Colorado.

Classes are filling up fast — reserve your spot today!
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