1. Discover Archery at Liberty Firearms Institute: Part Two

    In our last blog, we began our examination of archery — the different types of bows and how to stand for the perfect shot. Today we’ll continue with more information to help any beginner navigate and better understand archery. For more information on archery classes at Liberty Firearms Institute, contact us today! Now more on archery… After you’ve found the perfect bow and arrows and the p…Read More

  2. Discover Archery at Liberty Firearms Institute: Part One

    Archery is no longer reserved as a prehistoric tradition of hunting and protecting tribes from saber tooth tigers or procuring your next meal, as archery has made its way to mainstream culture as a common pastime. Archery is not just for hunters, either. There are now archery competitions and a desire to shoot arrows recreationally. Whether you’re in it to bag your next elk or were inspired by a…Read More