1. The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your First Firearm

    Gun ownership is a big responsibility — we’ll help prepare you! Colorado doesn’t shy away from gun ownership and for many, it’s how they’ve grown up. Many people have families where hunting is a family tradition or they do it for recreation fun. And you too may be getting into shooting to be able to hunt or kick back on a weekend at your local shooting range, but if you’ve never purcha…Read More

  2. Need Work on Your Firearm? Follow This Checklist For the Best Gunsmithing Services

    If you’re a devoted hunter or recreational shooter, you’ll eventually need your firearm serviced and knowing beforehand the best questions to ask your gunsmith will help you get the work you need. If guns are your hobby, you know there is an extensive range between them — from a vintage WWII firearm to a brand new hand gun with an aftermarket Cerakote finish. Whatever your firearm may requir…Read More

  3. The Ultimate Guide To Choosing a Local Gunsmith

    Because gunsmith services play a crucial role in the health and proper functioning of your firearms. Whether you’re an avid gun collector or you’re just getting into firearms, each and every piece you acquire over time likely becomes a regarded part of your family! It’s important to maintain all of your firearms to ensure they function properly and don’t become a hazard on the shooting ran…Read More

  4. What is Cerkote and Why is it Beneficial?

    There are many benefits to applying a Cerakote coating to your firearm — take advantage of this firearm feature at Liberty Firearms Institute’s gunsmith shop. If you are looking for a great holiday gift for the firearm lover and collector in your family, a Cerakote coating is a thoughtful and practical gift offered by our gunsmith at Liberty Firearms Institute (LFI). Many times an indoor shoot…Read More

  5. The Benefits of Working With a Local Gunsmith

    Gunsmithing is certainly a skill and it is also a trade we rely on to keep our firearms operating efficiently. If you are new to our firing range, you may have questions about our on-site gunsmith professional. If you are firing your gun with ease, you can thank a gunsmith! And, if you have a firearm that hasn’t been fired for quite some time or is giving you an issue, a gunsmith can also help y…Read More

  6. Turkey Hunting in Colorado

    It is turkey season so sharpen your shooting skills at your local shooting range today! Colorado has a diverse bird population, and when it comes to turkeys there are two subspecies — Merriam's or the “mountain turkey” and the Rio Grande turkey that roams primarily in eastern Colorado.  If you are just as excited about turkey season as we are, sharpen up your turkey hunting skills at Libert…Read More

  7. First Time at LFI? Here’s What to Expect

    Getting out and exploring a gun range can be intimidating and make people feel tentative, timid, and nervous, and it’s only natural if it’s your first time picking up a firearm or visiting a shooting range. The important thing to remember is that everyone starts as a novice, and many people have been in the exact same place as you. At Liberty Firearms Institute (LFI), we’re here to help put …Read More

  8. Are You Keeping Up With Colorado Gun Laws? (House Bill 1436 Passes)

    Anytime the subject of guns and gun laws skim the conversation, everyone has an opinion and it's usually steeped in polarizing positions. At Liberty Firearms Institute, we’re going to avoid the sticky conversations and specifically address Colorado gun laws and how they affect us — no sides are taken! At Liberty Firearms Institute (LFI), we have a state-of-the-art and innovative shooting range…Read More

  9. Discover Archery at Liberty Firearms Institute: Part Two

    In our last blog, we began our examination of archery — the different types of bows and how to stand for the perfect shot. Today we’ll continue with more information to help any beginner navigate and better understand archery. For more information on archery classes at Liberty Firearms Institute, contact us today! Now more on archery… After you’ve found the perfect bow and arrows and the p…Read More

  10. Discover Archery at Liberty Firearms Institute: Part One

    Archery is no longer reserved as a prehistoric tradition of hunting and protecting tribes from saber tooth tigers or procuring your next meal, as archery has made its way to mainstream culture as a common pastime. Archery is not just for hunters, either. There are now archery competitions and a desire to shoot arrows recreationally. Whether you’re in it to bag your next elk or were inspired by a…Read More