1. Choosing Your Camouflage

    The hunting season for 2017 is in full swing and one of the biggest components to hunting—besides a gun—is what you wear, as in camouflage! You’ve already had early season practice at your local firing range, so now it’s time to gain the upper edge by investing in some great camouflage. The biggest question is,Why do you need camouflage? When we think of camouflage, we think of the militar…Read More

  2. 2017 Guide to Rifles

    Here in Colorado, much of the outdoor lifestyle is spent hunting wildlife. As the weather cools,  and fall officially greets us, hunters gear up for the season! Here at Liberty Firearms Institute, we’ve compiled a list of all things rifle related! If you haven’t had time to take a Hunter Safety Course at Liberty Firearms, now is your chance! From rifles on a budget to the best rifles for hunt…Read More

  3. What to Expect from a Gun Safety Course

    Here at Liberty Firearms Institute (LFI), we believe gun safety is of the utmost importance, whether it’s your first time holding a gun or you’re looking to increase your knowledge base. Gun education can be intimidating, but we leave the ego out and aim to offer a wide variety of classes catering to different needs and skill levels. Our Facility When you arrive at our facility you’ll be gre…Read More