1. Frequently Asked Questions On Silencers (Part Two)

    Learn more about owning and keeping a silencer in your home! In part one, we began to explore frequently asked questions regarding silencers. The topics ranged from how a silencer can benefit your firearm skills, where it is legal, and if you need a special license to what the requirements are and if Colorado allows silencer ownership.  Check out our full post, Frequently Asked Questions On Silen…Read More

  2. All About Silencers (Part Two)

    In part one, we began our exploration into silencers by exploring their role in the health and safety of gun owners. In today’s post, we have much more to cover including the role they play in hunting and the home.  At Liberty Firearms Institute, not only is it important to know gun safety it’s important to be educated on topics in the industry, including silencers. Learn more about them here…Read More

  3. All About Silencers (Part One)

    As firearm ownership is growing, why is there a need for silencers? Silencers may have received a bad rap from TV and film because only drug lords, gangsters, and killers have a need for them, right?! The truth of the matter is, many people have a need for silencers, but either don’t have access to buying one or the taboo of owning one has deterred them. So, the question begs to be answered, why…Read More