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Gun Safety Classes For Women

Shooting Classes At Liberty Firearms Institute

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Gun Safety Begins At Liberty Firearms Institute

Our indoor shooting range at Liberty Firearms Institute is the perfect facility to learn and improve your shooting skills. We offer a variety of women’s only gun safety courses to elevate your knowledge and skills, providing you the ability to feel comfortable at any gun range or hunting trip.

Receive the best firearms training that is specifically for women from Liberty Firearms Institute today!

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Get The Firearms Training You Deserve With Liberty Firearms Institute

Women’s Only Concealed Carry(CCW)
Women’s Defensive Pistol Level I(With CCW)
Women’s Tactical RifleLevel I

Women’s Concealed Carry Classes/Basic Pistol Training

Geared to accommodate personal safety and gun training for women, LFI’s concealed carry gun class removes the intimidation, while teaching you everything you need to know for obtaining your CCW license. We’ll teach you the proper safety precautions that should be taken with firearms, and the responsibility it is to have a concealed carry license. With this knowledge, you can successfully get your CCW license while also gaining an understanding of the importance of gun safety and protection.

Don’t Own A Firearm? No worries! You can take this firearm course regardless of whether or not you own your own firearm. Liberty Firearms Institute has a collection of handgun rentals for you to use and find one you like. It’s also important to note that in order to get your course certification, you must shoot an actual gun. Upon successful completion, you will receive the certificate necessary to apply for a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) in Colorado.

CCW certification is also available as part of the Defensive Pistol Level I course and the Women’s Defensive Pistol I course (see below).

Women’s Only Concealed Carry(CCW)

Women’s Defensive Pistol Level I (With CCW)

Committed to providing women with in-depth pistol training, the women’s defensive pistol training heightens your pistol shooting skills and fundamentals, and you’re able to obtain your CCW permit all at once. This class is recommended for women who own their own firearm with some firearm knowledge and/or experience.

Incorporating the "crawl, walk, run" philosophy, students will learn and practice basic and intermediate pistol skills and shooting fundamentals both in the classroom and on the live-fire range.

Women’s Defensive Pistol Level I(With CCW)

Women’s Tactical Rifle Level I

Build your rifle shooting skills and basic fundamentals with the Tactical Rifle Level I women’s course from Liberty Firearms Institute. This class is taught by NRA-certified instructors to improve how you handle a rifle and to sharpen your technique.

In a relaxed environment of all women, reduce some of the initial anxieties while covering a variety of topics including disassembly and assembly, care and cleaning, accuracy and marksmanship, simulated stress fire, and much more.

Women’s Tactical RifleLevel I

Book your own private instruction or private group course today!

Engage in a variety of firearm classes for women. From CCW and defensive pistol training to tactical rifle, you’ll learn all the skills and shooting fundamentals to better protect yourself while efficiently operating a firearm.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a women’s firearm class today!

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