get your new firearm suppressor at LFI’s easy-to-use, kiosk from our partner, Silencer Shop!

Liberty Firearms Institute has collaborated with Silencer Shop to not only bring you an extensive assortment of suppressors for your firearms, but we’ve made the process that much more convenient!

The biggest takeaway for our customers is now you can purchase an NFA item and submit your paperwork all in a few easy steps!

Skip the hassle of waiting in line at the sheriff’s office for fingerprinting and long lines to obtain a photo — all this can be avoided at the S.I.D Kiosk at Liberty Firearms Institute!

You can even shoot your suppressor at Liberty Firearms Institute while waiting for your tax stamp to be approved!

Buying a Silencer

New to silencers? This process can be intimidating, but we’re always here to help! Thanks to the S.I.D Kiosk from Silencer Shop, buying a silencer is easier than ever before! Come in today to chat with our friendly knowledgeable staff about picking the right silencer for you.

The S.I.D Kiosk Process

The process of purchasing a suppressor is simple, find out how simple it really is below!

1. Select a Suppressor

First and foremost, you have to choose a suppressor that’s ideal for your firearm — this can be a lofty decision, so use us as a resource! We can help you pick out a silencer from categories covering:

  • pistols
  • shotgun
  • specialty
  • large bore
  • and beyond

Can’t find the silencer you are looking for at LFI today? Shop online and have it shipped to us to start your kisosk process!

2. Obtain a Registration Code

Once you have picked a make and model, you can now move through the steps at the kiosk! It’s important to note that if you buy your suppressors online, you’ll need the serial number and registration code to continue. Important Note: If you buy your suppressor online, we will notify you when it has been received at LFI & we can continue the process.

3. Stop by the Silencer Shop Kiosk at LFI

The kiosk makes it easy and convenient to obtain your silencer that avoids long-lines — We are your one-stop-shop! Get Directions Now

4. Fill in Information at Kiosk

Instead of filling out forms manually, you can use our kiosk and complete everything in about 10 minutes!

The Kiosk process begins with entering relevant information by filling out fields covering areas such as:

  • Personal Information – Gender, date of birth, height/weight, etc
  • Customer Profile – Email address, physical address, phone number
  • Fingerprints
  • Signature
  • Photo (taken onsite)

5. Confirm, Submit & Pay

After you’ve gone these few steps, confirmation will be sent either through text or email. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us below!

*Pricing May Vary*

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