LFI Shooting Sports Debuts Silencer Shop S.I.D. Kiosk

ATF 41F allowed Silencer Shop to apply revolutionary technology to the suppressor ownership process in a way that was not possible prior to the rule changes. With their Secure Identity Documentation (S.I.D.) Kiosk and the Silencer Shop Mobile App, they’ve streamlined the arduous process to a more efficient and convenient practice. What does this mean for our customers? You can now buy an NFA item and submit your paperwork the same day! No more trips to your Sheriff’s office for fingerprints and no more waiting in line for passport photos! The SID Kiosk stores everything for you and submits it quickly and easily for a small convenience fee.

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Note: This is their inventory but can ship to us in a matter of days, depending on how long Form 3’s are currently taking.

LFI Shooting Sports has over 100 suppressors and short-barreled rifles in stock from more than 16 manufacturers including the following:

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