If you need a firearm, our educated staff will help you find the right one.  Already an enthusiast, you finally have a place to practice year-round. Our 50,000 square-foot shooting range boasts 52 lanes ranging from 25 to 100 yards.  These provide a variety of lane lengths that are ideal for pistol and rifle shooters alike. The 100-yard range is equipped with a live feed camera allowing you to see your confirmed hits without ever coming out of your shooting position.

Liberty Firearms Institute also features a Steel Target Bobber room as well a Live Fire Simulation room (one of three in the nation at this moment in time). Become a member today, you’ll definitely want to check these out!

Staffed with NRA certified range-marshals and safety officers that oversee the safety of all shooters on range. With safety being the first priority, shooters of all skill levels can comfortably enjoy one of the largest, best-equipped indoor shooting facilities anywhere in Colorado.

Nothing compares to shooting year-round in LFIs’ one-of-a-kind climate controlled facility. Open 7 days a week with evening and weekend hours to accommodate even the most difficult schedules.

The Liberty Firearms Institute believes in firearm education for everyone, from novice to expert. We believe that safety begins with the individual, and that everyone should have the opportunity to learn proper gun maintenance and handling.

So, whether you grew up with firearms or have never touched one, LFI has a class for you. Our world-class instructors will provide all forms of firearms education for men, women, and families. from the most basic safety courses to high-level tactical shooting. LFI also offers women’s only classes.
Classes include concealed carry, hunter safety, self-defense, and tactical pistol and rifle.