1. Supporting Liberty Firearms Institute!

    Our shooting ranges may be closed, but our retail store, LFI Shooting Sports, remains open! Check out our merchandise and see what's available today! Everyone is being impacted in numerous ways from COVID-19 and it’s important, at this time, to stick together. As a shooting range we’ve decided to close our doors until April 11th because we support the health and well-being of our employees and…Read More

  2. Frequently Asked Questions On Silencers (Part One)

    Because it’s important to have all the facts before purchasing a gun silencer! Silencers are beneficial for a variety of reasons — protecting your hearing, ethical hunting practices, better accuracy, and home security concerns — yet with all the advantages, some are still hesitant to invest in this firearm accessory.  If you’re on the fence of buying a gun silencer, let’s look at the wh…Read More

  3. Women And Concealed Carry Permits

    Concealed carry permits are flourishing amongst women — here’s why! The Crime And Prevention Research Center reported that in the last six years concealed carry permits obtained by women grew over 100%, making women the fastest-growing demographic of those with concealed carry permits. At Liberty Firearms Institute, we offer a broad variety of shooting classes for women including a women’s o…Read More

  4. 3 Myths Of Concealed Carry

    Let’s put an end to misinformation about guns and those who choose concealed carry! Gun ownership is a big undertaking and most take it quite seriously, going beyond firearm ownership is the choice of concealed carry, which, in the state of Colorado, you have to obtain a permit to do so.  Curious about concealed carry? At Liberty Firearms Institute, we offer a variety of concealed carry classes…Read More

  5. The Ultimate Guide to Shooting Targets (Part Two)

    In part one, we dove right into a variety of shooting targets, and in today’s post, there are many more to explore! Liberty Firearms Institute wants to see your shooting skills thrive! Join us at our 12,000 square foot indoor shooting range to perfect your handgun and rifle skills, and everything in between! More Shooting Target Types Redfield Targets If you’re into rifle shooting, this target…Read More

  6. Colorado Hunter Safety Requirements

    As the summer season begins to wrap up and the warm weather begins to transition to chilly mornings and brisk evenings, it only indicates one thing — big game hunting season! The 2018 big game hunting season has commenced.  Are all of your ducks in a row? If you’re planning on big game hunting this season, Colorado has some steps that you must take before gathering your hunting bow or rifle i…Read More

  7. Colorado Gun Laws: Do You Know Them? (Part Two)

    In our last post, we just began to scratch the surface with Colorado gun law numbers and information. In today’s post, we’ll delve further into the numbers and information to keep you educated in Colorado gun laws. When you own a gun, it’s imperative you know the ins and outs of the law because it’s a huge responsibility. Even gun owners who’ve been in the state for a while now don’t c…Read More

  8. Stay Warm This Winter With LFI

    The Colorado winter is just getting started, so don’t count on a reprieve from the snow just yet! If you’re a Colorado transplant, you may not know that our highest snowfall totals are in February and March, so don’t pack up the snow shovel and unpack your flip-flops just yet. The traditional Colorado winter activities that most people think of — as seen on social media — are skiing and …Read More