Our Northern Colorado shooting range boasts ample space for indoor shooting, in addition to the vast amount of educational classes we provide!

Northern Colorado has some of the most beautiful landscapes around — all you have to do is look west and find a handful of fourteeners staring right back at you! Colorado has more sunny days, but it is when the weather is uncooperative when life indoors can have you feeling a little couped up! Warm up in the turning seasons, and try out a shooting range.

At Liberty Firearms Institute, we have plenty of space to accommodate you when the weather is chilly. Follow along in today’s post as we offer up the best reasons LFI is the best indoor shooting range.

Why Try LFI?

LFI is Northern Colorado’s premier indoor shooting range where the whole family can enjoy a safe and fun gun range experience.

Learn a new skill.

Whether you are a seasoned gun pro or have never even picked up a gun, we can accommodate both. We offer a myriad of classes from Conceal Carry For Women to Hunter Safety Education, in addition to private instruction to sharpen your gun skills on a pistol, shotgun, rifle, etc. What makes us different, is our private instructions are customizable and tailored to you, whereas other shooting ranges standardize the kind of instruction they offer.

Our staff and community alike are passionate about firearms and are ready and willing to share in the experience. Now, while the weather is cooler, is the perfect time to learn a new skill.

Spend time with the people you enjoy.

How many times are we couped up in the fall and winter seasons wondering how we can get out and spend time with friends and loved ones? Come out and bond with your people over target shooting and grab a beer afterward for a fun outing that is not the movies or ice skating rink!


Try out a new firearm.

If all you are used to shooting is a pistol, branch out and try a variety of guns at LFI. Perfect new shotgun or archery skills, who knows, you may fall in love and decide to purchase a different type of firearm!

Develop better mental discipline.

While you may think shooting is only physical, it is, arguably, more of a mental sport. You will spend a good deal of target practice using mental discipline to hone in on a target while improving your shot. Not only does shooting give you better mental discipline, but it also assists in concentration and problem-solving skills.

Find affordable fun.

There are many great attractions in Northern Colorado, but many of them can be quite expensive. Instead, reserve a lane or two for target shooting and still have money left over for lunch or dinner!

Experience Our Leading Indoor Shooting Range

There are so many reasons that LFI is the best indoor shooting range, so try it out for yourself today and give us a call!