Firearms are a hotly debated topic in the media and in politics, but perhaps by rewriting the narrative and removing the stigma, a productive dialogue can be discussed. The topic of firearms when and where they belong will not be discussed here, but in the article today, we’ll examine why concealed carry is positively impactful for the individual and society.

What is concealed carry defined as?

Concealed carry is exactly as it’s represented — it’s carrying a firearm around in public in a concealed manner. Oftentimes people carry concealed handguns in holsters, special clothing, purses, or in pockets. Many methods for carry the concealed weapon exist, but it always requires that you carry legally and under the guidelines of the state you are in.

As of 2013, in all 50 states you’re allowed to carry a concealed weapon in public, and four different types of permits can be issued:

  • No-issue – This prohibits citizens from concealed carry.
  • May-issue – This allows a concealed carry permit to be issued by local authorities.
  • Shall-issue – This allows citizens a concealed permit so as long as they meet the minimum requirements of no prior felony convictions or custody in a mental institution.
  • Unrestricted carry – This allows everyone access to concealed carry without the need for permits.

Why carry concealed?

Oftentimes, choosing concealed carry is a deeply personal and individual choice. It is important to not only explore what concealed carry requires of you, but to make the connection to the responsibility of carrying in and of itself. If you’re looking to carry to be cool or to posture, you may want to research the matter a little more fully and understand the whole picture.

Below are some basic thoughts and reasons on why people choose concealed carry, so please follow along!

It makes you more responsible

When you decide to conceal carry, you are making the decision to carry a weapon that can cross the lines from life to death. This is probably one of the most intense and profound responsibilities a person can have. Because this is a reality in concealed carry, permit holders will often be better at de-escalating potentially harmful situations and having better communication skills. In addition, concealed carry holders abstain from drugs and alcohol so their judgement isn’t impaired should a dangerous scenario arise.

People with concealed permits also understand that if they do shoot and harm an individual with their weapon, it’s not as simple as explaining to the cops “I’m the good guy and I got the bad guy.” If your gun is used, you will be under scrutiny and held accountable for your actions. There is a potential that you’ll be incarcerated or have to go through lengthy court proceedings. With the weight of all this, people become more personally responsible.

Concealed carry can dissuade crime

It has been measured that when people are allowed to “keep and bear arms” under the second amendment, there has been a decline in murders (eight and a half percent), rapes (five percent), and aggravated assaults (sever percent) in states that honor concealed carry. The police community also supports citizens who carry concealed weapons in a consensus of 91.3 percent.

Stay tuned for the second part of our discussion on concealed carry!

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