In our last blog, we touched on what concealed carry is and how it contributes to increased personal responsibility and deters crime. In today’s blog, we’ll continue to explore the case for concealed carry.

What other reasons would I want concealed carry?

Creating increased personal responsibility and dampening the crime rate through concealed carry are positive outcomes of concealed carry, but what else can it address?


Addressing and offering protection is one of the main reasons people — women specifically — choose to carry concealed weapons. It seems that in this day an age, people are becoming more desperate and dangerous situations are happening daily. People feel empowered and protected with a concealed weapon, and in a study by criminologist Gary Kleck, people who were involved in a violent crime attack, those who used a concealed weapon in defense were less likely to be attacked or injured than those who did not. In another study conducted by the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, criminals are 55.5 percent more likely to withdraw from an attack if a concealed carry is drawn.

When you conceal carry, not only are you able to protect yourself, but you’re able to protect your family and protect those around you (the community). There have been increasingly amounts of examples where potential shootings have been prevented by someone who was carrying a concealed weapon, and unfortunately, those situations are not on the decline.

Concealed carry promotes people being more law-abiding

There may not be hard statistics on this thought, but people who conceal carry will tell you that it makes them a more law-abiding citizen. Taking the time to take a concealed carry class and spending the money for the permit shows, in spirit and in good faith, that a person is willing to do the work and live within the confines of the law. In many states open-carry is legal, but a person who decides on a concealed permit takes an additional step towards the law.

You never know when the zombie apocalypse will hit!

If you’ve watched the many TV series and movies about the zombie apocalypse, you know you could go to sleep and then the next morning wake up to a hoard of bloodthirsty zombies! In a zombie world guns and bullets are not a commodity, they’re the commodity you need! Do yourself a favor and learn the essentials to protecting yourself from an onslaught of walkers!

About Liberty Firearms Institute (LFI) concealed carry classes

If our last posts on concealed carry has sparked something in you, you’ll be thrilled to know that LFI offers a couple of different concealed carry classes!

We offer concealed carry classes for people and women-specific classes. In these classes you’ll be taught by industry leaders and comprehensive instruction and training in the pistol safety and operation. You’ll also gain the information you need to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Colorado.

If you’re ready to make the commitment to concealed carry, sign up for a class today!

If you have any additional questions, we’d love to hear from you!