Because gunsmith services play a crucial role in the health and proper functioning of your firearms.

Whether you’re an avid gun collector or you’re just getting into firearms, each and every piece you acquire over time likely becomes a regarded part of your family! It’s important to maintain all of your firearms to ensure they function properly and don’t become a hazard on the shooting range.

Finding a local gunsmith who spends as much time, care, and detail can be hard to come by, and at times frustrating. At Liberty Firearms Institute, we offer the leading local gunsmith in Northern Colorado — from Windsor and Greeley through Loveland and Eaton — you can entrust the safety and precision of your firearms to us. Venture into our guide to choosing a local gunsmith in today’s post.

Is your local gunsmith shop Liberty Firearms Institute?

How to Choose a Local Gunsmith

Finding a competent gunsmith is like coming across a rare gem, simply because there is no actual nationwide certification program to become a gunsmith and essentially someone could set up shop and claim themselves as a gunsmith. One of the benefits that Colorado has is an amazing residential gunsmith program at Trinidad State College, in which our gunsmith graduated from.

Because it can be like the wild, wild West in gunsmithing, below are helpful tips to seek out when you decide to get your firearms serviced.

Is the gunsmith licensed?

One of the most important pieces of information you’ll want is whether or not they hold a current an up-to-date federal firearms license (FFL). An FFL is the end-all, be-all when it comes to the credentials of a gunsmith, so ensure yours has one.

Is the gun range and/or gunsmith protected?

Firearms hold great value, so it’s important to ensure that the shooting range or gunsmith you’re taking your guns to are protected and insured from events such as theft and natural disasters such as fires and floods. This is not only a professional piece, but it also provides coverage to your firearm should it be stolen or damaged in the shop’s possession.

Does the gun range facilitate proper repair and maintenance of firearms?

You can determine if the shooting facility can accommodate your needs by a couple of factors including:

  • They have an FFL-accredited gunsmith on site
  • The gunsmith has a military background as a professional armorer
  • They have training through a major firearms dealer such as Winchester, Remmington, or Colt

Gather a little information about your gunsmith, and if they don’t have training or experience from the above, you may want to consider taking your firearms elsewhere.  

Does the gun facility do everything in-house or do they ship out different projects?

While some gun shops are full-service, some will ship out different specialties such as machining to different companies. This is not a bad thing at all, many gunsmiths will subcontract out work so you get the best services for your firearms.

Having a gun shop with a skilled gunsmith is a rarity, so finding one that you trust may take some time and legwork.

To get the best gunsmithing in Northern Colorado, connect with our gunsmith today!