As the summer season begins to wrap up and the warm weather begins to transition to chilly mornings and brisk evenings, it only indicates one thing — big game hunting season! The 2018 big game hunting season has commenced.  Are all of your ducks in a row? If you’re planning on big game hunting this season, Colorado has some steps that you must take before gathering your hunting bow or rifle in search of game.

Hunting is a mainstay of the Colorado culture and plays a huge part in our parks and wildlife. At Liberty Firearms Institute, we’re here to provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to get your prized whitetail this season! Take a hunter education course and hone your skills at our indoor shooting range. Join us in today’s post as we examine the Colorado hunter safety requirements.

Colorado Hunter Education

Before you grab your bow or rifle for the 2018 hunting season, make sure you’ve taken all the measures to be able to legally hunt in our state.

Per Colorado law, anyone born on or after 1/1/1949, must complete an accepted hunter safety education course before purchasing a Colorado hunting license. These classes are available in the following formats and offered year-round.

  • Traditional classes – Hunter safety in the classroom.
  • Online and conclusion class – Some of the course is online, with a smaller, shorter version in a classroom setting.

2018 Hunter Education Updates

The biggest update to this season is that Colorado now offers both a test-out option and an apprentice hunter certificate program. These updates only apply to people born on or after 1/1/1949 who do not already have a hunter education card.

Test-out option – This update allows military and hunters ages 50 or older to test out of the hunter safety test. Requirements include:

  • One time fee of $45.50
  • Already have or willing to create a customer identification number
  • Must have a passing rate of 90 percent or better
  • Must be completed in a timed 30-minute period
  • The test can only be taken once. If it is failed, you must go through a hunter education class
  • The test is administered online only and has to be completed in one session

Military personnel – This is classified as active and reserve duty, veterans, and national guard.

People 50 and older –  This is offered to resident and nonresident hunters.

Upon completion, you’ll need to wait 24 hours for the system to update before purchasing your license.

If your child is interested in hunting, an apprentice hunter certificate is a perfect opportunity to gain insight and skills needed for hunting.

This is a one-year course offered to kids 10 years and older and temporarily waives the Colorado hunter education requirement. This allows the hunter apprentice to purchase a license for the species they wish to hunt. In the field, they’ll have a hunting mentor accompanying them at all times.

A hunter safety course is required and can be taken at Liberty Firearms Institute, or some individuals are able to now test out.

For more information about when we offer hunter safety courses, contact us today!