1. The Different Types of Archery

    Have fun with a bow and arrow and explore archery at Liberty Firearms Institute! When it comes to archery in Northern Colorado, none compares to our indoor shooting facility! With an indoor eight-lane, 45-yard archery range with 3-D target, we are here to help you learn and sharpen your archery skills! So, how do you get started?  At Liberty Firearms Institute, we’re not just an indoor shooting…Read More

  2. Women And Concealed Carry Permits

    Concealed carry permits are flourishing amongst women — here’s why! The Crime And Prevention Research Center reported that in the last six years concealed carry permits obtained by women grew over 100%, making women the fastest-growing demographic of those with concealed carry permits. At Liberty Firearms Institute, we offer a broad variety of shooting classes for women including a women’s o…Read More

  3. 3 Myths Of Concealed Carry

    Let’s put an end to misinformation about guns and those who choose concealed carry! Gun ownership is a big undertaking and most take it quite seriously, going beyond firearm ownership is the choice of concealed carry, which, in the state of Colorado, you have to obtain a permit to do so.  Curious about concealed carry? At Liberty Firearms Institute, we offer a variety of concealed carry classes…Read More

  4. Competitive Shooting Essentials

    Ready for your first match? Make sure you have what you need. In a previous post on competitive shooting, we explored what it is, why you might want to consider it, and things you’ll encounter at your first match. In today’s post, we’ll expand on this and talk about the essentials you’ll need at your first shooting competition to not only make it successful, but more fun.  Shooting can be…Read More

  5. What is Competitive Shooting?

    Are you a sharpshooter? Competitive shooting may be right up your alley! If you’re spending more and more time at your local shooting range perfecting your shot and honing your firearm skills, shooting can be more than just a hobby! Competitive shooting offers a variety of events to participate in, and allows you to further develop your gun prowess while surrounding yourself with others who love…Read More

  6. Teaching Gun Safety To Your Kids

    Gun safety is imperative for everyone, especially if your home has firearms. Talking to your kids about gun safety can often be a difficult topic to navigate, but parents and caregivers play a critical role in kids’ association with guns and their overall behavior and safety, and ultimately, this responsibility lies with you. Firearm safety shouldn’t be an isolated event — one speech from an…Read More

  7. Firearm Maintenance: How To Care For Your Firearm

    Keeping your firearm well-maintained not only improves its longevity but also increases its safety. Care for your firearm to get the most out of it! If you’re a gun owner you likely have experience cleaning and maintaining it, but if you’re new to firearm ownership, there are some great tips and techniques to impart. If you’re a bit uncomfortable cleaning a rifle or pistol, bring your newly …Read More

  8. The Ultimate Guide to Shooting Targets (Part Two)

    In part one, we dove right into a variety of shooting targets, and in today’s post, there are many more to explore! Liberty Firearms Institute wants to see your shooting skills thrive! Join us at our 12,000 square foot indoor shooting range to perfect your handgun and rifle skills, and everything in between! More Shooting Target Types Redfield Targets If you’re into rifle shooting, this target…Read More

  9. The Ultimate Guide to Shooting Targets (Part One)

    There’s no doubt about it: shooting range targets elevate your firearm skills, but what types are available to improve your accuracy? Skill comes from doing something over and over...and over! They say it takes roughly 10,000 hours to master something, and the same is true for your shooting skills. Much skill and precision must be developed to carry your skills over to hunting big game or even a…Read More

  10. The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing and Selling Firearms (Part Two)

    Beyond an FFL license, it’s important to be informed on transferring firearms safely and legally. In part one, we learned what an FFL is and why it’s important to both the buyer and seller of a firearms transaction. In today’s post, we’ll explore the intricacies of firearm transfers and how to navigate the rules and regulations behind it. It’s important to be able to wade through gun law…Read More