1. First Time at LFI? Here’s What to Expect

    Getting out and exploring a gun range can be intimidating and make people feel tentative, timid, and nervous, and it’s only natural if it’s your first time picking up a firearm or visiting a shooting range. The important thing to remember is that everyone starts as a novice, and many people have been in the exact same place as you. At Liberty Firearms Institute (LFI), we’re here to help put …Read More

  2. Colorado Gun Laws: Do You Know Them? (Part Two)

    In our last post, we just began to scratch the surface with Colorado gun law numbers and information. In today’s post, we’ll delve further into the numbers and information to keep you educated in Colorado gun laws. When you own a gun, it’s imperative you know the ins and outs of the law because it’s a huge responsibility. Even gun owners who’ve been in the state for a while now don’t c…Read More

  3. Colorado Gun Laws: Do You Know Them? (Part One)

    Colorado has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the last couple of years, adding over 77,000 new residents in the last year and growing faster than all but seven states! That’s a large number of potential gun owners who may not be privy to our laws. Whether you’re a Colorado newbie or you’ve been here for awhile, if you own a gun, you need to educate yourself about the gun laws in Colorad…Read More

  4. Are You Keeping Up With Colorado Gun Laws? (House Bill 1436 Passes)

    Anytime the subject of guns and gun laws skim the conversation, everyone has an opinion and it's usually steeped in polarizing positions. At Liberty Firearms Institute, we’re going to avoid the sticky conversations and specifically address Colorado gun laws and how they affect us — no sides are taken! At Liberty Firearms Institute (LFI), we have a state-of-the-art and innovative shooting range…Read More

  5. Summer Fun For Kids At LFI

    As the spring is bringing forth buds, blossoms, and new growth, the days are following suit with longer daylight and warm temperatures, which means summer is upon us! Once May hits, you’ll likely be preparing for your kids’ summer vacation. Summer vacation is paradise for kids, but can carry stressful times for parents when they have to find things for their kids to do for three months of the …Read More

  6. Discover Archery at Liberty Firearms Institute: Part Two

    In our last blog, we began our examination of archery — the different types of bows and how to stand for the perfect shot. Today we’ll continue with more information to help any beginner navigate and better understand archery. For more information on archery classes at Liberty Firearms Institute, contact us today! Now more on archery… After you’ve found the perfect bow and arrows and the p…Read More

  7. Discover Archery at Liberty Firearms Institute: Part One

    Archery is no longer reserved as a prehistoric tradition of hunting and protecting tribes from saber tooth tigers or procuring your next meal, as archery has made its way to mainstream culture as a common pastime. Archery is not just for hunters, either. There are now archery competitions and a desire to shoot arrows recreationally. Whether you’re in it to bag your next elk or were inspired by a…Read More

  8. The Case For Concealed Carry: Part Two

    In our last blog, we touched on what concealed carry is and how it contributes to increased personal responsibility and deters crime. In today’s blog, we’ll continue to explore the case for concealed carry. What other reasons would I want concealed carry? Creating increased personal responsibility and dampening the crime rate through concealed carry are positive outcomes of concealed carry, bu…Read More

  9. The Case For Concealed Carry: Part One

    Firearms are a hotly debated topic in the media and in politics, but perhaps by rewriting the narrative and removing the stigma, a productive dialogue can be discussed. The topic of firearms when and where they belong will not be discussed here, but in the article today, we’ll examine why concealed carry is positively impactful for the individual and society. What is concealed carry defined as? …Read More

  10. Stay Warm This Winter With LFI

    The Colorado winter is just getting started, so don’t count on a reprieve from the snow just yet! If you’re a Colorado transplant, you may not know that our highest snowfall totals are in February and March, so don’t pack up the snow shovel and unpack your flip-flops just yet. The traditional Colorado winter activities that most people think of — as seen on social media — are skiing and …Read More