1. 4 Ways To Improve Your Long-Range Shooting Skills

    Hone your skills to make that long-range shot. When it comes to firearms, the skill of long-range shooting has always been sought after — it’s the distance that people want to improve on. Not only is it a sport where you can continually get better in the gun range, but it also has practical purposes when you’re out hunting. Liberty Firearms Institute is the perfect Northern Colorado shooting…Read More

  2. All About Silencers (Part Two)

    In part one, we began our exploration into silencers by exploring their role in the health and safety of gun owners. In today’s post, we have much more to cover including the role they play in hunting and the home.  At Liberty Firearms Institute, not only is it important to know gun safety it’s important to be educated on topics in the industry, including silencers. Learn more about them here…Read More

  3. All About Silencers (Part One)

    As firearm ownership is growing, why is there a need for silencers? Silencers may have received a bad rap from TV and film because only drug lords, gangsters, and killers have a need for them, right?! The truth of the matter is, many people have a need for silencers, but either don’t have access to buying one or the taboo of owning one has deterred them. So, the question begs to be answered, why…Read More

  4. The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing and Selling Firearms (Part Two)

    Beyond an FFL license, it’s important to be informed on transferring firearms safely and legally. In part one, we learned what an FFL is and why it’s important to both the buyer and seller of a firearms transaction. In today’s post, we’ll explore the intricacies of firearm transfers and how to navigate the rules and regulations behind it. It’s important to be able to wade through gun law…Read More

  5. Are You Keeping Up With Colorado Gun Laws? (House Bill 1436 Passes)

    Anytime the subject of guns and gun laws skim the conversation, everyone has an opinion and it's usually steeped in polarizing positions. At Liberty Firearms Institute, we’re going to avoid the sticky conversations and specifically address Colorado gun laws and how they affect us — no sides are taken! At Liberty Firearms Institute (LFI), we have a state-of-the-art and innovative shooting range…Read More