Hone your skills to make that long-range shot.

When it comes to firearms, the skill of long-range shooting has always been sought after — it’s the distance that people want to improve on. Not only is it a sport where you can continually get better in the gun range, but it also has practical purposes when you’re out hunting.

Liberty Firearms Institute is the perfect Northern Colorado shooting range to hone your long-range shooting skills. Learn more about a few critical skills that will impact your long-range shot in today’s post.

One quick consideration — sure, there are a whole host of gadgets on the market that will help you make your distance shots with little to no skill, and while we’re all for the latest and greatest shooting technology, it’s important to have a foundation in shooting firearms.

Choose a firearm that’s right for you.

Some love a heavy firearm, while others have a fondness for extremely light ones. Anything over 15 pounds is an asset because it’s more stable, naturally providing you a better, more accurate shot. This is great in theory and while you’re at the gun range, but when you’re out hunting, a heavy rifle can greatly impact your ability to swiftly move from one location to another.

Light rifles, on the other hand, affect accuracy because they are less stable and, depending on the caliber, can have worse recoil. When you’re in the moment going in for the kill — raised heartbeat, heavy breathing, shaky hands, etc. — sometimes a super light rifle can feel as though it is affected by the smallest breeze or unconfident shot.

Get into a comfortable position.

Because a majority of long-range shooting is done while seated or prone, it’s important that you find a comfortable position. It’s also crucial that you’re in as stable as position as possible. If you’re prone or seated, try to keep your rifle tucked into your shoulder.

Level Your Scope

Even if your scope looks level, it’s important to level it, especially for long-range shooting. Now, keep in mind, a scope may look crooked even though, in fact, it’s straight. As firearm enthusiasts, we never tend to shoot at a target straight, but instead, naturally tilt our rifles. This is vital to understand because if you adjust your scope to make it look straight, you may actually be doing your long-distance shots a disservice.

If you aren’t sure how to ensure that your scope is level, the best course of action is to bring it to your local gunsmith where they have an expert leveling device.

Obtain a clear and concise vantage point.

Any shot that is less than 100% clear is going to affect your accuracy — shadows and the tunnel effect, as well as any foliage between you and the animal, can throw the shot off. Improve your accuracy and get the best shot with a long-range scope. These scopes come with unbelievable features that not only allow you to see small, distant targets clearly, but other features that can help you dial in your rifle for a number of less-than-favorable conditions.

Know the kickback.

The kickback of a rifle lends valuable information to your long-range shot, and how you can improve it. Where is the kickback landing? For an accurate shot, you want the gun to come straight back into you — this little nuance can greatly impact how you execute your long-range shots and hit the target every time.

From choosing the right firearm to understanding the kickback of your weapon, there are a variety of skills that can help you improve your long-range shooting skills.

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