In part one, we began our exploration into silencers by exploring their role in the health and safety of gun owners. In today’s post, we have much more to cover including the role they play in hunting and the home. 

At Liberty Firearms Institute, not only is it important to know gun safety it’s important to be educated on topics in the industry, including silencers. Learn more about them here!    

More On Silencers

Rethinking silencers, especially in the US is huge. There is a large rift between people and their opinions on guns — and while we’re not here to change anyone’s stance on guns, we are here to better educate everyone on why silencers are important to many gun owners and to nix the notion that only criminals use them. 

Let’s just reiterate that right here, right now: silencers are not just used by criminals — gun owners use them widely in their everyday lives. Where do silencers come in helpful? Find out below!

The Hunting Impact

As more of our land is being developed, hunters get closer and closer to human habitation each year. Hunting is a sport that needs to use silencers because the closer hunters get to civilization, the more noise it produces. silencers suppress the noise and prevent distractions and confrontations from the general public. 

It’s also a more ethical way of hunting — hunting season can draw a large crowd, so having a silencer not only is being thoughtful of the other hunters you have around you but it’s also taking the wildlife into consideration. 

Wildlife can be spooked by gunshots which is bad for hunters because their line is disturbed which can throw off a shot and it’s bad for the animal because the intended kill shot may only injure them because they were startled. 

Home Defense

If you own guns in your home, while you hope to never have to use a firearm in self-defense, a silencer would be crucial in protecting your hearing. There is no doubt that if you’re struggling and a gunshot is fired without a silencer, your hearing would be impaired. So, why not protect your health while protecting your home?

Improved Accuracy

Much like a muzzle break, silencers may improve your shot accuracy! But how? It all has to do with the recoil, no matter how many of us think we’re immune to it! Silencers reduce the recoil by resiting the gas pressure that typically sends the firearm into the face or arm of the person shooting. 

Silencers help everyone out! Not only do they silence a shot, but they support hunters and animals, homeowners acting in self-defense, and by improving the accuracy of a shot. 

Silencers, contrary to how they’re portrayed in TV and movies by drug lords, gangsters, and criminals, are very pertinent and important to gun owners. 

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