Need a unique gift for your favorite firearm enthusiast? We have you covered!

You probably don’t need to be reminded, but the holidays are right around the corner! Somewhere in between watching your neighbors sync their favorite holiday music with their holiday lights and going out into the woods in search of your family tree, you have to get your shopping done. And, if you’re not sure what you should get for your favorite firearm enthusiast, Liberty Firearms Institute has a couple of ideas!

Celebrate the holidays with Liberty Firearms Institute and create a new tradition of shooting guns together at our local gun range! For more gift ideas, dive into today’s post!

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers can be some of the best gifts and if you’re not in the place to purchase a shiny new gun, these gift ideas are perfect for anyone who has a love for firearms. 

Shooting Targets

Shooting targets are a perfect gift to slip inside a stocking. From targets that help hone a specific skill (accuracy targets) to hunting targets, you can get a wide variety of targets that they’ll greatly appreciate. 

Cleaning Mat

Firearm maintenance is a must for any responsible gun owner and those who love to tinker. A cleaning mat is not only stylish, but it protects other surfaces from powder gunk and gun cleaning solutions that are used. You can find fun diagram mats of specific guns or more general ones if you’re not sure what they’re shooting these days.

Cleaning Kit

What pairs nicely with the cleaning mat? A gun cleaning kit! You may have to do a little recon to figure out what they’re shooting to find a more specific gun cleaning kit for handguns or rifles, but if you don’t have this information, there are still some high-quality cleaning kits that are universal.  

Unique Gifts For Gun Lovers

Once you have your stocking stuffers covered, you can begin to build some fun presents for them to unwrap. 

Tactical Range Bag

Now that they have some new shooting gear, they need a way to carry it around! A tactical range bag comes in a broad range of sizes to carry all of their favorite firearms equipment and accessories.  

Quality Ammo(First come first serve!)

Ammo is an expense that can get costly especially if they’re shooting regularly, so good ammo is greatly appreciated. One of the best ways to get longevity out of a gun is to not be shooting poor quality ammo, so get the good stuff! If you’re unsure what quality ammo is, stop into our retail shop or give us a call for some recommendations. 

Great Gifts From Liberty Firearms Institute

If you’re interested in supporting a small business this holiday season while getting some really great gifts, Liberty Firearms Institute has many great options. 

Club Shooting Memberships

Liberty Firearms Institute has a state-of-the-art full-service indoor shooting range, that welcomes all levels, novice to expert. We offer different memberships ranging from single and couple to family and platinum. 

LFI Retail

Our facility not only has the best local shooting range, but it has a large retail space with our very own skilled and highly knowledgeable gunsmith. Here you can pick out a new firearm or other accessories with the help of our staff or on-site gunsmith. 

We also have a silencer kiosk that is quick and easy and would make for a fun, in-person surprise gift. 

LFI Gift Cards

Feeling totally in the dark when it comes to your firearm-loving person? No worries! If you’re not an expert, a gift card from Liberty Firearms Institute is a great way to go. This way they can use it towards exactly what they want or need. You can send an eGift card which is super easy, or stop into our facility for a gift card. 

Happy Holidays From Liberty Firearms Institute

Make this holiday season merry and bright with fun and useful tactical gifts for your gun enthusiast, and stop in anytime to our gun range to hone skills or even get a chance to shoot our famed Gatling gun!  

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