1. Celebrating The Season With Liberty Firearms Institute

    Need a unique gift for your favorite firearm enthusiast? We have you covered! You probably don’t need to be reminded, but the holidays are right around the corner! Somewhere in between watching your neighbors sync their favorite holiday music with their holiday lights and going out into the woods in search of your family tree, you have to get your shopping done. And, if you’re not sure what yo…Read More

  2. The Complete Guide To Ammo

    Get to know your ammo! Firearms quickly gain new gun enthusiasts because there is always something new to learn — between suppressors, types of firearms, and expanding your skills at the gun range — firearm knowledge is always presenting ways to level up. Then there is ammunition — a whole new breadth of knowledge that’s vital to your gun skills and becoming a person who can talk the talk …Read More

  3. What Firearms Are You Dreaming of This Spring?

    Spring in Northern Colorado is here and the temperature is warming up — what gun(s) are you ready to try out?!   It’s that time of year again — the birds are chirping, plants and trees are budding, and sunny days with our familiar Colorado blue-bird skies are here. It’s springtime in Northern Colorado! If you’re like us, you like to balance your indoor shooting with the great outdoors! …Read More

  4. Supporting Liberty Firearms Institute!

    Our shooting ranges may be closed, but our retail store, LFI Shooting Sports, remains open! Check out our merchandise and see what's available today! Everyone is being impacted in numerous ways from COVID-19 and it’s important, at this time, to stick together. As a shooting range we’ve decided to close our doors until April 11th because we support the health and well-being of our employees and…Read More

  5. Frequently Asked Questions On Silencers (Part Two)

    Learn more about owning and keeping a silencer in your home! In part one, we began to explore frequently asked questions regarding silencers. The topics ranged from how a silencer can benefit your firearm skills, where it is legal, and if you need a special license to what the requirements are and if Colorado allows silencer ownership.  Check out our full post, Frequently Asked Questions On Silen…Read More

  6. The Different Types of Archery

    Have fun with a bow and arrow and explore archery at Liberty Firearms Institute! When it comes to archery in Northern Colorado, none compares to our indoor shooting facility! With an indoor eight-lane, 45-yard archery range with 3-D target, we are here to help you learn and sharpen your archery skills! So, how do you get started?  At Liberty Firearms Institute, we’re not just an indoor shooting…Read More

  7. What is Competitive Shooting?

    Are you a sharpshooter? Competitive shooting may be right up your alley! If you’re spending more and more time at your local shooting range perfecting your shot and honing your firearm skills, shooting can be more than just a hobby! Competitive shooting offers a variety of events to participate in, and allows you to further develop your gun prowess while surrounding yourself with others who love…Read More

  8. Firearm Maintenance: How To Care For Your Firearm

    Keeping your firearm well-maintained not only improves its longevity but also increases its safety. Care for your firearm to get the most out of it! If you’re a gun owner you likely have experience cleaning and maintaining it, but if you’re new to firearm ownership, there are some great tips and techniques to impart. If you’re a bit uncomfortable cleaning a rifle or pistol, bring your newly …Read More

  9. The Ultimate Guide to Shooting Targets (Part One)

    There’s no doubt about it: shooting range targets elevate your firearm skills, but what types are available to improve your accuracy? Skill comes from doing something over and over...and over! They say it takes roughly 10,000 hours to master something, and the same is true for your shooting skills. Much skill and precision must be developed to carry your skills over to hunting big game or even a…Read More

  10. The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing and Selling Firearms (Part One)

    Get to know the basics in buying and selling firearms — from what an FFL transfer is to an in-depth look at how to transfer firearms legally. Many seasoned gun owners intimately know firearm rules and regulations but when you’re new to hunting or recreational shooting, it can be intimidating. You want to be safe and take all the right steps when it comes to holding the responsibility of a fire…Read More