Learn more about owning and keeping a silencer in your home!

In part one, we began to explore frequently asked questions regarding silencers. The topics ranged from how a silencer can benefit your firearm skills, where it is legal, and if you need a special license to what the requirements are and if Colorado allows silencer ownership. 

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There are many benefits to investing in a silencer and at Liberty Firearms Institute, not only do we have the premier shooting range facility, but we’ve made buying a silencer easy and convenient, and if you still have questions we’re here to help educate. Get more of your silencer questions answered in today’s post.  

More About What You Need To Know On Silencers

Can I use one silencer with all of my firearms?

Typically yes, you can use one silencer with a majority of the guns that you own. It is, however, important that they fir the thread — if they do, it shouldn’t be an issue using the silencer from gun to gun. 

Is there a difference between a gun suppressor and silencer? 

A gun suppressor and silencer are the same things. It is important to point out that the legal term is “silencer”, while the term “sound suppressor” or “suppressor” are more accurate of what the device actually does. 

Can one silencer be used for multiple calibers?

In a smaller caliber firearm, it is appropriate to use a larger caliber silencer so as long as you have the right adapters. Ideally, you want a suppressor that’s been designed for your caliber of gun, but at the end of the day, a larger caliber silencer will get the job done, though not as efficiently or with as much sound reduction.  

 Silencer Pro-Tips

Buying a gun silencer has some trade-offs, and unfortunately, there’s not always a one-size-fits-all approach.

The suppressor’s caliber doesn’t always have to match the firearm’s caliber.

If the firearm’s bore is big enough for the bullet it can handle the weapon, thus handle the suppressor.

Versatility allows you to use the silencer from gun to gun, while efficiency will be quieter and the optimal sound suppressor.

Investing in one or more gun silencers is a common practice and it ensures the safety of the individual — so go ahead and buy two or more!

Avoid overheating — the hotter your silencer becomes, the faster they wear out.

How do silencers attach to firearms?

There is a myriad of ways a suppressor can attach, but it will depend on the type of firearm and the type of silencer. 

Threaded silencer – This type of silencer threads directly into a threaded barrel of a gun. 

Quick-detach – This kind of suppressor has a quick-detach feature like on a muzzle brake, piston, or flash hinder, that it allows it to be attached quickly and easily.  

Built-in silencer – Some firearms have the suppressor built right into the gun so the piece is one, instead of two separate pieces, making for an optimal silencer gun. 

Are suppressors really that much quieter? 

Yes, suppressors really make the difference in sound reduction! And while each gun suppressor is different, most will impact the sound enough so it sounds like you’re wearing a good set of ear protection. 

How long can it take to get a silencer?

When you stop into our gun range, stop into our silencer shop! Here we have a SID (secure identity documentation) kiosk that makes gun silencer ownership efficient and convenient. 

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