Have fun with a bow and arrow and explore archery at Liberty Firearms Institute!

When it comes to archery in Northern Colorado, none compares to our indoor shooting facility! With an indoor eight-lane, 45-yard archery range with 3-D target, we are here to help you learn and sharpen your archery skills!

So, how do you get started? 

At Liberty Firearms Institute, we’re not just an indoor shooting range, we love partnering with those who practice with a bow and arrow! Get to know archery a little better and explore the different types of archery in today’s post!

Types Of Archery Explained

We all likely know what archery is but it goes beyond just a bow and arrow, as it has different types and styles for people to try! Let’s dive in below!

There are five common types of archery that we’ll explore and they include:

  • Target archery
  • Field archery
  • 3D archery
  • Traditional archery
  • Bowhunting

Archery Bows 101 Infographic

Now we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of them all, and perhaps you’ll find a type that you want to try the next time you’re at our facility!

Target Archery

This is one of the most classic types of archery — think large targets with colorful bullseye circles, set out in the open. Target archery can be enjoyed outdoors and in the convenience of your own backyard or at a local shooting range. This is also the type of archery seen in the Olympic Games. 

Field Archery

Field archery gets you out into the great outdoors! You’ll practice hitting bullseye targets that are set amongst nature — a course that weaves you in between trees and follows the nuances of the terrain. You’re not just aiming straight in front of you, you’ll learn to shoot uphill, downhill, and everything in between. This is also a type of archery that you’ll learn to shoot at all different distances, so your skills are ever being sharpened.

3D Archery

3D archery uses targets, that yes, are 3D, and include targets such as elk, deer, and other smaller animals — this is a great introduction to learning how to hunt by bow and arrow. This type of archery is typically practiced out in the woods and helps people practice different angles for a better, more accurate kill shot. 

Traditional Archery

Traditional archery is the most basic archery that forgoes all the gear that other types of archery has such as sights and gadgets. It’s simple, sleek, and with a timeless bow and arrow setup. 


Bowhunting is specifically for hunting that brings you outdoors while learning about nature and the animals that roam the lands. 

There are a variety of archery types and each teaches you something a little bit different. From getting out and into nature and sharpening your skills or practices hunting big game to archery purely for target practice that can be enjoyed at an indoor archery facility, or in your own back yard, there is a type of archery for everyone! 

Come and explore the world of archery with us and get the best gear at our archery pro shop! Stop in today!