Concealed carry permits are flourishing amongst women — here’s why!

The Crime And Prevention Research Center reported that in the last six years concealed carry permits obtained by women grew over 100%, making women the fastest-growing demographic of those with concealed carry permits.

At Liberty Firearms Institute, we offer a broad variety of shooting classes for women including a women’s only concealed carry class. If you’re curious about gun ownership and concealed carry and how it impacts women, follow along in today’s post!

The Firearms Industry And Women

The history of women having a place in gun ownership has muddled — in the early days it wasn’t welcoming and crude pictures of women with guns were the marketing norm. But, things are progressing and there is more respect and support for women interested in firearm ownership, specifically concealed carry with more products designed for women.     

Why Women Are Making The Decision Of Concealed Carry 

Many women are making the decision of concealed carry but as the numbers are showing, the area is growing immensely for women. Let’s explore why the spike of concealed carry for women continues to grow below.

Acceptance In The Firearms Industry

As we alluded to above, women and the firearms industry haven’t always had the smoothest relationship, but things are changing! Nowadays, women feel more comfortable going into their local gun shop and asking questions and educating themselves about the products. 


Unfortunately, violence towards women is still a major player in the experience of being a woman — from sexual assault, domestic violence, and murder, the statistics are still very bleak, so women are taking a stance and better protecting themselves through self-defense methods and concealed carry.

There may be a point in a woman’s life that is the worst-case scenario — no one really wants to imagine that, but a firearm places a woman in a better position to protect herself and potentially save her own life and the lives of others.    


Many women explain concealed carry as spurring confidence, control, and empowerment. When they take the personal responsibility of educating themselves about guns and taking classes to obtain their concealed carry permit, they understand the responsibility and know how to use a weapon. 


This is one of the most obvious reasons as to why women are embarking in concealed carry, and according to a study from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, security is the single-most important reason why women decide to purchase a firearm.  

Whatever situation that presents itself — working late-night shifts in a diner and having to walk a couple of blocks to a car, being a female truck driver, or a single mom, and domestic violence survivor — a woman can feel more secure with concealed carry.   

Choosing to carry a concealed gun is a personal choice, as those who do already know and deeply understand, but as the firearm industry continues to advance and create an equal space for women, women are empowering themselves and feeling more protected, confident, and secure as a result. 

Save your spot in our next concealed carry class for women today!