Let’s put an end to misinformation about guns and those who choose concealed carry!

Gun ownership is a big undertaking and most take it quite seriously, going beyond firearm ownership is the choice of concealed carry, which, in the state of Colorado, you have to obtain a permit to do so. 

Curious about concealed carry? At Liberty Firearms Institute, we offer a variety of concealed carry classes to help you navigate best practices of concealed carry safety and to better prepare you in obtaining your permit. If concealed carry is something you’re interested in, take a moment and learn more about concealed carry myths today! 

The Myths of Concealed Carry

Guns will always be a hot topic or trigger, but this is a safe space to explore gun ownership and concealed carry in an educated and non-judgemental environment. It’s vital that whether or not you choose to do either, that you understand the information and not continue to spread misinformation or an implicit bias about guns. So, let’s look at the myths surrounding concealed carry.   

Only needing concealed carry some of the time. 

Sometimes you’ll hear people talk about only deciding to carry in specific situations or places, and this is a huge myth. While you don’t have to carry all the time, if you’re strategically picking and choosing where you carry, you may want to reconsider. If you think you may need your gun, maybe you shouldn’t go into that place or situation. 

The truth is, you never know when you’ll need it. 

Using a different gun in the range than what you carry is the same. 

A common practice among those who carry a concealed gun is they choose a small, low-profile gun, but shoot something entirely different in the range. While this isn’t inherently a bad practice, it’s important to have experience shooting your concealed gun in a range and in target shooting, rather than firing a different one at the range. 

Uneducated Gun-owners

However the misinformation was spread, there is a notion that gun owners aren’t educated on the topic. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A majority of firearm enthusiasts are highly versed and understand the mechanics of a gun very intimately. Not only do they spend their time in the gun range learning and improving their skills, they take gun classes, and even subscribe to many resources (online, magazines, etc) to better educate themselves. 

Those who choose concealed carry in Colorado have to obtain a permit which has both a written and demonstration portion, and, most take a concealed carry class.   

The Value Of A Concealed Carry Class

While there are many myths of concealed carry, if you’re curious, the best practice is to arm yourself with the best knowledge, which is through a concealed carry class. It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone who owns a guitar or drums is a musician and the same is true for a gun owner.

Even if you do have experience with a gun or have been to the shooting range a couple of times, it’s amazing with what information you can walk away with from a concealed carry class! We can help you break bad habits, teach you the best practices, and inform you of the laws in Colorado.

For more information, connect with us today!